About slothboss

On my second maternity leave I decided I needed something away from the house that was super fun and creative to do. My mother has been sewing all of her life so I decided to get her on board to make my kiddos some clothing. Soon all of my pals were asking to get items from us so we decided why not give this a go. Not only is every item in our shop handmade by us but we also source all of our material from other small shops across B.C. with the exception of a few pieces that come from the states for specific custom orders. We are very particular about what our fabric content is and base our selections off of fiber content/ quality over patterns. A lot of our fabric is a limited run making each piece very unique. Custom orders are possible if we have the fabric available so if you see a print you love but not in the correct size feel free to send us a message.


Photo credit to Sandra Riccardi, my friend and one talented mama!

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